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Opening Energy the 28 Day Process

led by Ahna Cleveland

"Peace and Acceptance" photo by Shelor Duffee

Over the course of this powerful month-long workshop, you will learn to: 

  • Increase your energy and focus in the present

  • Reclaim energy lost in the past and take action toward goals and dreams

  • Simply relieve and manage pain while increasing stamina

  • Establish meditation and visualization as a daily practice

  • Heal your body, mind and spirit

Each class member will keep a record via journal or tape and will share progress and ask questions during 5 weekly telephone meetings.

The program creates a major shift for each participant and firmly establishes meditation, healing and creativity as a daily practice. You will receive:

  • Five 1 hour group or individual coaching sessions via telephone bridge line

  • 28 daily 10-15 minute meditation/ visualizations recorded on five CDs with 28 readings to accompany the meditations. Because the meditations are recorded on CDs, you can go back and repeat them at any time.

  • 28 amazing photographs used in the meditation process.

  • All of the readings and photographs will be delivered in a downloadable format to be printed or used on your computer.

See below for testimonials from previous participants.

Opening Energy....The Poem

Going deeper, releasing more. Having less, feeling more.

Watching, waiting, feeling strength grow within me.

I challenge the old, the painful, the regrets.

I welcome the newborn, green shoots of awareness.

I open my center to light and love.

I let go in order to have.

No one can tell me where I must go, what I must do.

I follow the path of my opening heart to a place where only joy and light are present.

Peace and acceptance are constant.

Here it is never dark or cold.

Harsh words have no power.

The sun is always rising, and every pore of my body opens to let it in. 

This poem may not be reproduced without written permission of the author and must always include the following copyright information. Thank you.

copyright Ahna Cleveland June 2001

The Opening Energy process and class was truly life changing and transforming for me. I am now more focused, have more clarity, more energy, and feel more connected to all of Life. Because of the process I have more peace within, outside events no longer distract or upset me. Daily living has taken on a much lighter and brighter tone. The process provides a structure and tools that are easy to follow and delightfully effortless. Even after the completion of the 28 days, the process is continuing, as I go back and listen to the CD’s again…….Mary Caywood, Kentucky

“ I feel this program deserves to be a part of any seeker's spiritual library and meditation program. I have personally found this to be a most unforgettable and richly rewarding addition to my life and I thank Ahna for her beautiful spirit and wholehearted desire to share herself so unselfishly and openly."..... Sylvia Cohen, Brooklyn, New York

"This process was quite profound for me. I feel like I really got under the surface. I intuit that I have passed through some big stuff. I can feel that I have shifted. My experience was dynamic and very important in my growth and healing work ."...Kristine Lotoski, Ohio

In my very first session with Ahna, she provided me with an astounding awareness, and a very useful meditative tool for me to use for a very deep, life-long issue held within me. Ahna is gentle, supportive and very open to an individual. Her voice, energy and tone on the CD's and in the sessions are wonderfully warm, nurturing and very conducive to this type of work. I highly recommend her programs. ....Brenda Brosgarth, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Before the Opening Energy program, I was dragging around my old feelings and constantly drained of energy to the point of making me sick. Using the program freed me from worry and self-doubt and allowed me to begin living my life without fear, to start enjoying the real beauty in the world, to feel more compassionate and understanding of others and to be grateful for all that I already have......Jack Barr, Walnut Creek, CA

Group of 5 or more people - Rate $349 + shipping ($8)

The Complete Process with 5 Private Sessions $520! + shipping ($8)

Complete Program 6 CDs without sessions $169+shipping ($8)

Sampler CD with 5 readings and 5 meditations $25 + shipping ($4)


Introduction and Demo to Opening Energy CD $5+ shipping ($3)

11"x17" poster of "Joy and Light" Angel poster. $10 + shipping ($4)

Order now or call for details at (720) 890-7929 or openingenergy@earthlink.net 


"Joy and Light Angel" photograph by Shelor Duffee

  Contact us at (720) 363-2559 or ahna@openingenergy.com to set up an appointment to discuss your needs, desires and goals.