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Find Your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity

See Yourself "Getting Rich"



  • Are you ready to make a significant change in your life and finances?
  • What if you could make that shift in 7 weeks?
  • Do you know your passions and life purpose?
  • Are you making a living by joyfully doing what you love?


Almost every day, I hear from people wanting more abundance and joy in their lives. They have tried affirmations, read books, attended “Law of Attraction” groups, taken seminars, seen “The Secret” 10 times, and still they say, ”Where is it? When is it coming? How long do I have to wait?”

Does this sound like you? If so, you are invited to join in a 7 week journey to find YOUR passion, purpose and prosperity. In this 7 week tele-seminar you will:

  1. Receive the CD "Passion, Purpose and Prosperity" by Ahna Cleveland with 7 meditations and visualizations to realize your dreams.
  2. Read The Science of Getting Rich ( the book which inspired "The Secret")
  3. Attend seven 1½ hour classes via telephone bridge line (all classes will be recorded for further study and review)
  4. Receive summary and notes each week via email
  5. Be given daily exercises/ACTIONS to speed you to results
  6. Participate in an email group for ongoing support, sharing and inspiration
  7. Learn the power of visualization and how to make it WORK FOR YOU!

On each call you will experience a new visualization.  These are recorded and will be listened daily to expand, deepen and enrich your results. 

If you participate fully in this course, you WILL experience a significant shift!

$129  8 pm Eastern, 6 pm Mountain time, dates to be announced. 

To register simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below,

call (720) 363-2559 or email ahna@openingenergy.com

For questions email ahna@openingenergy.com