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Feedback from Workshops and Individuals


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"Iíve had the pleasant opportunity to have Ahna Cleveland provide an inspirational workshop for the employees at the Gap Inc.. Her workshop utilized empowering exercises and easy to follow, practical tools for succeeding in oneís wellness goals! She sent a strong message of the value of health, which left participants with memorable skills to succeed. Her motivational techniques and simple actions help you face challenges head on!

I highly recommend Ahna Cleveland as a personal coach! She is the type of business woman that anyone would be happy to work with."

Kolleen Dyson - GAP Program Director

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From "Find Your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity"

I would like to thank Ahna for her positive attitude and positive energy. The Passion, Purpose and Prosperity class really helped me shift from scarcity mode thinking and fear/anxiety regarding money to a more productive, open and trusting "attitude of gratitude". I received specific strategies and encouragement to stay in this more positive space and to enable abundance to start flowing from expected and unexpected sources. This has affected my mental, emotional and spiritual well being, along with drawing in actual financial solutions to "problems". Seeing money as energy helps a lot! Remembering that what we think, we speak, and what we speak, we create is a very powerful lesson indeed!.............. Cat Briggs

From individual sessions:

  "Thank you, Ahna. You've given me the tools and encouragement to make changes that were long due. Your wisdom and intuition are awesome." Jo Miller - Personal Coach and Coach Trainer


From "The Four Agreements" workshop participants:


"Thank you, Ahna, for a very integrating and earth stirring experience. I was able to connect to my roots once again."Margy Campbell - Acupuncturist

For more testimonials, visit the Classes page on this website.


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