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The following poem describes a process of "Opening Energy". Just reading the poem can make a basic, positive shift in one's perception and energy.

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Opening Energy....The Poem

Going deeper, releasing more.

Having less, feeling more.

Watching, waiting, feeling strength grow within me.

I challenge the old, the painful, the regrets.

I welcome the newborn, green shoots of awareness.

I open my center to light and love.

I let go in order to have.

No one can tell me where I must go, what I must do.

I follow the path of my opening heart to a place where only joy and light are present.

Peace and acceptance are constant.

Here it is never dark or cold.

Harsh words have no power.

The sun is always rising, and every pore of my body opens to let it in.

This poem may not be reproduced without written permission of the author and must always include the following copyright information. Thank you.

copyright Ahna Cleveland June 2001


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