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Click on the player to listen to a sample meditation from the Opening Energy Process. Each month you will be able to listen to the meditation from the last Opening Energy Teleconference. In honor of the NEW YEAR of 2012, this month's meditation is:

"I Welcome the Newborn".

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Opening Energy and Ahna Cleveland offer seminars, workshops, speaking, teleclasses and personal coaching in the following areas:



Releasing the positive power of the mind. Making your mind work for you, not against you.
  * Pain relief without drugs
  * Energy healing techniques

Identifying and removing energy blocks - increasing available energy and focus and decreasing illness, pain and stress.
Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Visualization Techniques.
Prosperity from creativity, success in all life's arenas.



Through simple and practical techniques that can be used by anyone, any time and anywhere you will learn:
  * How to unleash more physical and creative energy to use in all areas of your life...
  * How to use your mind and your body as your allies...
  * Success through creativity, not competition...
  * How to reduce fatigue, illness and pain...
  * How to get more fun, fulfillment and JOY out of life!




Opening Energy also collaborates with other trainers, teachers and coaches to tailor programs to your organization's specific needs such as organizational development, marketing, communication skills, etc.
  Contact us at (720) 363-2559 or ahna@openingenergy.com to set up an appointment to discuss your needs, desires and goals.